8 May

SEO Experts

Trying to rank in google can be a daunting process. If not done correctly actions of a so called “seo expert” can lead a clients website in more trouble than helpful. We spoke with the Plano SEO Experts. These are the top 5 checkpoints for getting proper search engine optimization.

  1. Make sure your SEO has a proven track record. Now don’t be deterred… if they have only been in the business for a one year. But be sure to ask for records of their work. Charts, graphs any kind of data showing their results with clients.
  2. Once you know about their proven track record. Ask what their strategies are. Reputable SEO agencies will give a detailed plan of action on how they plan to increase your rankings. Don’t buy into “proprietary methods”. Don’t mistaken as they may use proprietary software to track the progress of their strategies.
  3. Pricing- Pricing SEO is not your one stop shop same price for everyone. Search engine consultants will create pricing methods based on a few key factors. An example–How much business does their business bring in? Or how much is each customer worth? These kinds of questions will allow them to have a detailed pricing structure.
  4. Communication– How often will your consultant communicate to you throughout the campaign. Sometime consultants will just take your money and do what needs to be done. Not generating the proper reports which can be a hassle for the client.
  5. Blackhat or Whitehat– Any SEO agency can get a customer ranked, but will you stay there? That’s when it just comes down to what kind of tactics are they using. Are they building a proper back linking strategy or…they using automated software to blast 14000 links to your website over the course of week. Most certainly you will see a rise in the rankings, but It won’t last long.

The next time your looking for proper Search engine marketing strategies be sure to ask yourself these 5 questions from the guys who work in SEO PLANO

6 May

Becoming Largest Platform For The Web

Numerous web design platforms are out there. If you’re completely anti-code. Here are some of the best choices

  • Wix
  • SquareSpace
  • Shopify(e-commerce)
  • WordPress

Wix and Square Space are pretty much straight forward allowing you a drag and drop interface for you. Both are a very intuitive making you feel at ease.

Shopify- A very popular e-commerce platform has a selection based process. You can select text, graphics, types of fonts. Just about anything that is on a website has an option to be changed.

Lastly WordPress, WordPress is an enormous open source platform. WordPress was originally a simple platform for bloggers to quickly create content on the web. Over the years it has become so much more than that. Now adding custom code features, e-commerce capabilities and many others. This is why it is the premiere choice for people wanting to get on the web. Check out this video on why to choose wordpress